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I’m getting much more usage shown on Google Analytics than I see activity in my app. Can someone help me understand how Google Analytics counts users? If a user logs in on their phone and on a web browser, does that count as two “active users”? Does “active users” count people who haven’t logged in yet?

It’s been a few months and I still don’t understand how Google Analytics is counting active users. It’s just wrong. Does anyone else have this issue? Do your Google Analytics metrics look accurate?

Are there any Google Analytics experts out there? Any kind soul who can help me figure out why my metrics aren’t being counted correctly?

Do you advertise your url? I think it will count users even if they get to the sign in screen and don’t go any further.


Yes, I think that’s correct. It’s through a cookie, so if a user hits the sign-in screen they probably already have the cookie.

How GA Identifies Users


@Darren_Murphy @Jeff_Hager
I have advertised in a couple of low-key places. I don’t want the those who only hit the sign in screen counted as active users (nor do I want my internal usage counted). Have either of you dealt with these issues before?

No, sorry I haven’t.
Although I do have GA enabled on some of my apps, the accuracy of the numbers isn’t critical for me. It’s more just for informational purposes, and to observe trends.

Same here. I have it activated on a couple apps, but I’m not too concerned with stats and counts. I just like to see which countries visit my app and that’s about it. I’m not at all familiar with everything GA is capable of, but I think I’ve seen things broken down by page, so you might be able to set up some filters to exclude the login page.

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