Log in data?

I suddenly am seeing that 200 people are “active users” of my app but the log in data only shows about 45 people. Is there a way to see live log-ins and names/email addresses associated? I am shutting this app down soon and wan to migrate them to the new one.

If you have 45 unique emails in App: Logins then you do not have more than 45 users logged into your app. You may be seeing unique devices, or users who are hitting your login screen but who do not log in.

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If you have a pro app, give a try to google analytics. GA show me hundreds of users before step1, than I have only 118 users who crossed the login screen.

I am modifying my app to duplicate it as a public and an admin app, because app for public can’t be public with email, it does not work.

Is there a way to show the email id and relate to screen activity. ?