How number of App users calcuated?

App sign-in is set to Password, and only two users accessed. Yet, the App banner shows “17 Users” , how is this calculated?
I reviewed other posts and one referred to as " unique devices " but only 4 devices (by us two users) are accessing this APp!


Have you shared the link anywhere, or is it a common name that people could stumble upon? Could be people making it to the password page and then backing out.

Got ya

Link hasn’t been shared publicly nor App name is common !

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In my experience, tracking hits, sessions, views, clicks, users, downloads, installs, conversions, unique xyz’s, etc. via various tools (Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Webtrekk …) is rarely an exact science: you can have different tracking tools tracking the exact same metric and they will return different numbers.

I’m not saying the figure you shared “17 users” is wrong, but I would say that number is flexible.

Just in case, here is a note in Glide’s documentation on how they track users:

How does Glide count the number of users of my app?

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