Request: Sorting Enhancement

Two improvement requests:
1.) Multiple ways to sort (eg. Sort by Status, then by Last name)
2.) Sort grouping separately from list (Sort grouping 1-2-3, sort items in the list alphabetically)


Great ideas, I can certainly see the benefits of these suggestions

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I implement workarounds when I want to do this but having this inbuilt will make life so much easier!

Ya, this is what I’m doing now to achieve grouping in a particular order and then sorting alphabetically within one of the groups:


I found a simply way to sort list and groups alphabetically.
In my app I have Category, subcategory and names.
I have an inline list with names. I group them in subcategory.

To sort both groups and names alphabetically I just create a template column who concatenate “category subcategory name”. Elements are sort alphabetically first regarding the category, then the subcategory and finally the name so if you look for a subcategory, “names” in it are sort alphabetically too.

Finally I display the “sort by” to this template column and I display the “group by” to the subcategory.

Hope this can help :wink:

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Specifically for Inline List > Options > Group By I would like there to be an ORDER BY selection for defining the sort order of the Group headings similar to how the “SORT DATA” option is configured like so:


That way under Inline List > Options it would look something like this:


  • Sort by ___________ in _________ order


  • Group by ___________ in _________ order

I’m currently working on a list of “Work Items” (aka Tasks) grouped by “Project” and I would like the initial view in the app to modify the query output to the Inline List something like ORDER BY projects.project DESC, workitems.workitem ASC; .

A bonus would be to allow in app control of both the list and grouping sort orders similar to this announcement:

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Ya, I hear you. Use this method u til we get this natively:

Glide: Grouping and Sorting TIPS and TRICKS


That worked, thank you Robert! Since my data is coming from Airtable and my group items (Projects) are numerous and sorted in reverse order by year it was much easier for me to generate the concatenated “Projects+Tasks” sort field(s) in Airtable.

Any thoughts on Calendar list view under General>Content>Order having the ability to sort Date and Time with different methods e.g. by Date>Newest first and Time>Oldest first?

I think a workaround similar to what you showed in your video could work by using a standard list view after parsing the Day, Start Time, and End Time as three separate fields, etc.

I have a Calendar screen where I currently list all of my time sheet entries by Content>Order>Newest first which is peachy for listing the most current day first :+1:t3: but my OCD is nagging me a bit to list the individual time entries in chronological order within each day especially since the start time sits on top of the end time for each entry.

Any feedback is appreciated.

In that case, don’t use a calendar style but rather a cards style. Then you can group by date and it will have a similar layout. You’ll need to be a bit creative with the layout, though.

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