Changing the order of Group by in an InLine list

I have a template column with a number which I prepend to the name of the Group so it ‘groups by’ in the order I want. But I would prefer “Hot” instead of “100 - Hot”. It works and no one has questioned it but my OCD is kicking in.

Is their an alternative to choose your own sort order while retaining the ‘out of order’ Group name? My first idea (hack) was to use an empty space ( in front of the column data to force a non-visible sort order change. Did not work.


If you sort the list by 100-Hot, or just 100, but only display Hot in the grouping, I think it should work. I believe that the groups form in the order that the data is sorted.

Huh…never thought of it that way since I assumed Group-by would override ‘sort by’…but you sir are correct - worked liked a charm. I sorted by the “100” value and grouped by the name and life is good.

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