Request for suggestions for an APP that makes intensive use of maps

A customer asked me to create an APP that makes intensive use of maps. The hypothetical scenario could consist of 1000 users who use the APP at the same time; everyone would access a map in which about 500 pins are located. Everyone needs to see what distance there is between their current location and each of the PINs on the map. In theory it seems possible to me, but I can’t do a real simulation. Before taking this job, I would like to understand if I run into any limitations in terms of distances to be calculated or pins to be displayed on the map. And if anyone has good advice to give me on the subject I would be grateful! :pray:

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Those distance calculations happen on each individual user’s device, so I see no issues as far as the number of users using an app at the same time. My only concern, which you can simulate, is having that many pins on a map at once.