Repeating fields

Are repeating fields supported in Glide?
Like the screenshot below

Not natively, no.

It would be possible to get somewhat similar functionality with a custom form.
What would you expect the entered data to look like in the database?
ie. would each repetition create a new row in a separate related table, or…?

I’m flexible on how the entered data looks. It could be a single column storing a json object, as long as I can get it to work.

If you can accept that each repetition creates a new row in a related table, then that’s fairly straight forward.

The trick is to use a custom form and set a UniqueID in a user specific column as the form is opened. And then use that UniqueID as a ParentID for any child records. This allows for any number of child records to be created inside the parent form before it is submitted. Essentially, what you create is a form inside a form.

The created child records can be displayed inline as a collection, which would allow for in place editing and/or deletion. When the parent form is saved, the UniqueID needs to be saved as a ParentID, which preserves the relation to the child records.

A single column JSON object is a bit more of a challenge. It would be doable, but it’s something I’d need to experiment with. Any solution would most likely require the use of a separate helper table and a fair smattering of JavaScript.

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