Create new form on submit

Hi there! I hope you’re doing well while reading this request for help.

I’m creating a project management app for personal use that has the following relations:
Project include multiple steps, steps include multiple tasks and tasks include multiple actions.

I would like to do the following:

  • When adding a step from a newly created project, I’d like to have a button to submit and add another step, so that i can add as many steps as necessary without having to go back and reopen a new form

  • steps are time specific (from date A to date B), and tasks will repeat themselves for each date. Basically, I’d like tasks to be duplicated as many times as B - A, with the date changing on each row.

If the second request is too complicated, i can still use the first to bypass it, even if it adds more work.

I’m sure I’ll have tons of questions as the project advances and I litterally have no experience in coding or even using glide (first time)

Thank you very much for the help :grin:

What you are looking for is definitely possible, although will require some slightly advanced techniques.

Essentially what you are looking for here is a “form within a form”. Not possible with the native form options that come out of the box with Glide, but can be done by leveraging a custom form. I recently built a copyable concept App for somebody else looking to do a similar thing. You’re welcome to make a copy for yourself and study it to see how it’s done.

Again, this will be possible, but if the number of rows to be added is variable - and it sounds like it will be - then you’ll probably need to use something external to Glide. Either some Apps Script (if you’re using Google Sheets), or an integration tool such as Zapier or Make. If your project is based on Glide Tables only, then you’ll need a subscription plan that includes API access (Pro or above).

I’d probably be exploring options for minimising the number of rows to be used. If the tasks are date based, then it might be possible to set it up in such a way that each set of tasks only occupies a single row. Difficult to say without understanding in greater detail.

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