Forms - Repeating Sections

Is it possible to have repeating sections in a glideapp form?
Example: Order form where entering products manually and ability to click a + or similar to add another row to the product section, allowing user to add as many products as they wish to the form.

I think what you described here is a “form-in-form” situation. What I would do is:

  • Create a user-specific column in the user profiles table to hold the “Order ID”.

  • When user opens the Order form, if their “Order ID” column is empty, set an ID to it, else just open the form. This means you have to configure the form elements twice for this action, but you can copy elements over.

  • In the form, add a form button element for users to add items to their order. You should have separate tables: “Order” and “Order Items”. The form will write to “Order Items”, with the item name, quantity, and the “Order ID” to create relations later.

  • Once they finish adding items, and click submit on the “parent ID”, please also add the “Order ID” to the parent “order” row. In the on-submit action of the form, clear the user’s “Order ID” so that it is ready for the next order.

With this setup, if the user clicks out mid-way through completing the form, they will still have those items in their “draft order” when they enter the form again, since the “Order ID” has not been cleared at that point.

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