Removing arrow to details page from list

Is there a way to remove the arrow from a list grouped together that does not lead to a details page?

I created a separate action so that some items in the list are not clickable because they lead to an empty details page. However I still want to include the dead entries (the ones that do not begin with a -), without losing the grouping, but removing the arrow so the user does not think an item leads to a details page.

Any thoughts?

use the image to indicate if is clickable… arrow will disappear if you add caption to the list

I thought the arrow goes away if you set the action to none, no?

I created a custom action “if DATA is not empty then action = show detail page.” If I set to none then the dashes with DATA will no longer be clickable.

I cannot figure out how set “DATA empty = none” or “else if DATA empty =none”

Good idea. I’ll try this tactic though not as clean as configuring an action will likely get the job done. Thank you!

it is very clean… I do that all the time… swap images from “click icon” to empty PNG, it looks good!
create a column… call it empty… and put nothing there, and use it for the caption. and you can use conditions for clicks.

This is where the feature that’s in Pages needed! ( Some new features on Pages that I noticed! 🤯 )

Ability to add conditions on single actions!

no need for that… add custom action

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