Customize Empty Lists Behavior

Please, allow adding own explanation (Title/Text) and Action when tapping on huge icon(same as Tab Icon)

You could achieve your suggestion by doing the following:

  • Use the visibility option at the list level.
  • For the icon, you could use a button with no background and no border (I think this might be called the simple version of the button component).
  • For the text, same idea.
  • For both components, add an action, for instance a “Go to tab” action.

Both components will be centered, be clickable, personalized and will only display when the list is empty.


Thanks for the suggestion, but…
I can do this only if jump to the Details layout and adding custom lists. So, for other 6 modes, I cannot modify Empty List behavior.
And especially, I cannot use Swipe layout in Details Tab.

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Surprised this did not get more votes.
Sometimes we can’t use details layout hence cannot have conditional elements like you suggest @nathanaelb.

I need this for the calendar layout that I use for ordering items that are not events, so ended up reverting to list layout that shows the date as Title.

It would be great if we can at least change the sentence that is shown when there are no items.
Hopefully this is added in a near future

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