Big Empty Screen

In Tablet or Desktop mode, my app features a large blank area when nothing is selected for detail view. Is it possible to fill that space with something so it doesn’t look kinda broken?

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yes, you have to have only list in the left tab that has a view details action to items that heave row ID column

Screen Shot 2021-07-26 at 4.56.07 PM


I’m sorry, I don’t understand. I need step-by-step instructions, I think.

In case I wasn’t clear: my problem is that, in tablet or desktop view, when I visit a tab but before I select an item from the list to view, the first thing I see is a big, empty area on the right side of the screen. This bothers me. I feel like there should be something there instead of a blank space, even if I haven’t selected any items yet. An image, instructions, something.

click that image i attached, you will see that right panel is not empty even without selecting item from the left side panel

  1. make a tab that s only the list view. (tiles, cards, list… no details)
  2. action for that list should be view details… rows for these details must have row IDs
  3. details screen can not contain most of CSS odes.

effect is not visible in Glide editor… you must go to live App in PRO mode with tablet view enabled

Yes, I see that. I just don’t get how to do it like yours.

in your picture, i see that you are using a detail view for that tab, thats why is not generating a preview