Multichoice approach - but how to get rid of the arrows (CSS?)

I have a use case:

  • customer is asked some questions
  • they can give more than one answer
  • and for fun, multilingual app


  • separate table - will display as an inline list in a tab
  • make row with a number for each string (so I can do a sv through the rel from the customer’s chosen language to the relevant string
  • use an inline list with checkbox to a usc- boolean coloum - to record the response
  • and an action in the inline list to set true/clear depending on what is selected
  • then a tp-column to join each string + selection together i.e. 450:true
  • and a joined list to merge the responses together i.e. 450:true, 451:, 452:true, 453,: (blank = not answered / cleared)
  • and I will copy this value into my main data table with a button to collect the answers (the joined list) - then a webhook to send the answers off to a separate sheet for analysis (as not needed in the app itself)

All works nicely!

But… I have these silly arrows on the right…
(I did try to use tiles and cards using a trick to display a checkbox… but sadly it doesn’t look great)

Any idea how to remove the arrows? It is odd that they are even there… as there is no action to open the records anyway.


Those arrows generally only go away when you select ‘None’ as the action.

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which would defeat the purpose … :((((((((

I guess you’re using custom action, right Mark?

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Try this @Mark_Turrell

.navigationIcon {
display: none !important;

Genius! Thanks!