Delete column + Check action = (mvp of) Multiselect delivered?

Hi @Mark,

If you type the “multiselect” keyword on this forum, your computer will feel like receiving a DDoS💥: it is the dream of many Gliders for ages, it has thousands use cases (B2B, B2C | SaaS, eCommerce, Social network…), and, incidentally, it seems a common feature.

While Glide has the “check” inline list, in many cases, to have it worked properly, it requires one of the very smart aspirin-workarounds :pill: (from @Jeff_Hager, @Lucas_Pires Robert_Petitto) which is a nightmare to setup & maintain: once we understood it (I’m still wondering if I did), for 1 multiselect field, according to the use case, it requires “10” columns, “2-3 tabs”, “2” actions… :sob:

Question #1: is it right that if we had

  • an action to delete a column (including user specific)
  • an action triggered by the check of the inline list (to activate the “set column”)
    we would have an “mvp” of a not perfect but much easier Multiselect-like component?

Question #2: if yes, is this in your 2 months roadmap🙏🏻?