Inline lists and default icons

Is it possible to change the default action icons in inline lists?

In my database I have Projects and People allocated to Projects. Allocated people are selected from a table containing all the people in the company.

I’d like to create a screen containing project details and an inline list of people allocated to each project.

I want to allow users to be able to delete people right from the inline list. In this context ‘delete’ means clearing the column in People that links People to Projects.

In order to do that I’ve set the action to ‘Set columns’ and the attribute Project ID in People to ‘Clear value’.

When I do that Glide turns the action icon into a plus sign which is exactly the opposite affordance that I want to convey.

You could try using a new combo action instead, that you then add the set column action inside of it. I think that will remove the plus icon.

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Thank you!

new combo action

Do you mean ‘custom’ action?

If that’s so I did it and it changed the icon to a right arrow icon. It’s not ideal, but it’s better than the plus sign.

Maybe I can create an action that takes the user to a form with a REMOVE button so that they click on the list item, then click on remove. Let’s see what happens…