Icons Automatically Created on Action Text Should Be Deleteable Like Those Assigned to Buttons

Describe the feature requested:
I understand a year & a day ago we were given the ability to change the icon assigned to Action Text. We do not, however, have the ability to have no icon next to Action Text. I like having the functionality of Action Text, but I think we should have the option of not having an icon next to it.

As soon as I specify an action for Action Text, the “Icon” field autopopulates & I’m not given an “x” next to the icon to delete it - I can only change the icon. I don’t want an icon for every Text element that has an Action.

I consider the missing delete “x” (which, by the way, is beside icons that are assigned to Buttons, where it both removes the icon in the Button & replaces it in the Button Properties column on the right side of the UI with the word “None”) to be a bug, but some may consider that same delete “x” to be a feature, which is why I’ve categorized it as such in this post.

Expected behaviour for the new feature:
Action Text shouldn’t necessarily be automatically given an icon, but if it is, I should be able to delete the icon, not just change it (again, as is possible with Buttons).

How to replicate the lack of the feature:
Create new Action Text, assign it an action, try to delete the icon it’s been automatically given.

As a workaround, you could try to use a rich text component with an action instead of the action text component.

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I will soon upload a video I just recorded demonstrating both the issue & the workaround.

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Here’s what the issue looks like, & a demonstration of Jeff’s workaround:

[Corrections: Obviously you can also use Action Text if you want a simple way to have text that has a title and also want it to have an icon beside it. Also, Action Text titles are not bold - The Action Text itself looks bold, while Action Text titles use plain formatting.]


We also need a way to change the icon associated to an inline list when the action is not show detail screen. For example, when an inline list has an “show edit screen” action, the icon is a share icon? Ugly and confusing—
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Hehe, I was mesmerized by that voiceover.


Thank you! (You should listen to me sing, then, too :stuck_out_tongue: )


The voiceover is really polished. “Presto!”


I sure hope you narrate for a living cause this was spectacular!

And excellent example with workarounds

You are correct, Matt - I do have a radio broadcasting & voice art background. I’m developing my app using Glide as a non-profit community development venture on the side. Thanks so much.

By the way, Jeff, did I pronounce your last name correctly?

Yep, you pronounced it perfectly.

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Sammy’s younger brother. I watched the video again just to listen to @mbnownet describe the problem and the excitement around the solution (which even includes the pitfalls of the solution!).

Action Satisfaction, indeed!


Check out Glide for Non-Profits (@GlideNonProfit) on Twitter and be sure to tag it if you have any projects to share!

@mbnownet - can we please insert you as a proxy for all Glide related questions and bug reports? :pray:


What would a proxy do, @Darren_Murphy ?

Thanks so much, @kyleheney - I’ve been wondering how my team may be able to get the funding &/or the partnerships we need to take this project beyond the Beta phase. I’ve been developing it since January & would really like to take it city-wide (& eventually inter-provincial or international (I’m actually considering working with an NGO to bring it to Ukraine)) before winter hits, when it could potentially save lives. Will send out a Tweet right away.

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…so, anytime anyone wanted to ask a Glide question, or report a bug, They would first talk to you. You would make sure you understood the issue and figure out how to replicate it. Then you would make a video and post it here (the community). Then the rest of us would take it from there and provide an appropriate solution or workaround.

This would be incredibly efficient, because every single question would get the perfect solution with the first response, with no need at all for follow up or clarifying questions. It would save countless hours of peoples time, and possibly an infinite number of bytes.

So, are you up for the job? :thinking:

I hope it's obvious, but just in case... yes, this is a joke. I'm paying you a compliment ;)

Oh, unless this is something you’d really like to do, in which case I’m deadly serious.


[lmao] That sounds like it would be a lot of fun!

Thank you for the offer/compliment :smiley:

I enjoy producing & narrating explainer videos, so if there’s ever a real need, I’m happy to consider helping where possible.

I also narrate Public Service Announcements occasionally…