Is there a way to have actions on text?

In the old glideapps if I remember correctly there was a think called action text. I wonder if in the new glideapps is a way to give text actions?

I’m trying to make a little explainer in a new screen. The text just needs to sit quitetly at the bottom of a form.

I’ve been trying to strip down a an action row so it looks like a piece of text, however there is always an Icon with a slightly annoying accent color that takes attention.

I wonder is there either a way to use the action row but without any icon?
I’m pretty sure I’ve been through all the text components but none of them seems to be able to have actions.
Is there another way to do this?

Screenshot 2023-03-29 at 11.35.26

What I would probably do in this case is use a Rich Text component with a HTML Summary tag.

How and why do I need to measure?

Because we said so :p

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But guess this is only for text?
I need a little illustrations etc to be included.

I can also strip a button down to just text, but then the text is centre aligned…:confused:

You can add images with an <IMG> tag.
The Rich Text component also supports actions.

Do you have a good visual representation of what you need?

If you need exact placement of text and images, then often a good way is to use an HTML table with zero width borders.


Thanks @Darren_Murphy, I’ll try to figure it out with the HTML tags.
For some reason I never quite understood the power of the rich text component, but I think It’s slowly sinkinging in.

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