Icon Forced on Action Text

Describe the bug:
When I specify an action for Action Text, the “Icon” field autopopulates & I’m not given a “x” next to the icon to delete it - I can only change the icon. I don’t want an icon for every Action Text that has an action.

Expected Behaviour:
Action Text shouldn’t necessarily be automatically given an icon, but if it is, I should be able to delete the icon, not just change it.

How to replicate:
Create new Action Text, assign it an action, try to delete the icon it’s been automatically given.

Dare I say it’s not a bug it’s a feature?

I don’t believe we have ever been given an option to do something like you said, so this is more like a feature request, not a bug report.

I suppose my description of the issue was unclear. I am not requesting a new feature or new type of behaviour. I am highlighting undesirable behavior first (the assigning of an icon when giving Action Text an action), &, secondarily, highlighting the lack of an option/s to remedy this undesirable behavior (the inability to delete icons assigned to Action Text).

Closing due to inactivity. This topic will be deleted in a few weeks if there are no more comments.