Some new features on Pages that I noticed! 🤯

Ability to add conditions on single actions!

New menu when trying to create a new tab!


I think these two actions are new!



Cheers for Glide and Pages :muscle: :clinking_glasses:

Have a great weekend!

And let me know if there are more :raised_hands:


Ooooh nice! I didn’t notice the conditions on single actions. :pray:

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Not sure if I understand the point of conditions on single actions… so if the condition is not met, the button or inline list just does nothing?


haha yeah - I was scratching my head about that as well :thinking: Haven’t had an opportunity to play with it yet.


Wouldn’t the button be hidden if a condition isn’t met? I think that’s how it works with custom actions. If there is no suitable branch that meets any conditions, then the button won’t show.


I believe Jeff is correct here!

Previously I did this with a If Then Else column that I added that column in the Title but now no need extra columns :joy:

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Why wouldn’t this just be a visibility condition?

I suppose what you could do is have different actions based on user role.
So for example you could have two separate collection item actions, one for admins and one for everybody else? :thinking:

Logically, yeah, a visibility condition would do the same thing, but I suppose some users won’t think to do that. Putting the condition option directly on the single action is probably just to make it easier for newer users to condition the action, and it aligns with the existing functionality to condition actions in a custom action. Probably Glide’s way of making things easier to do. Put all the logic in one place instead of two different places.