Feature Request: Visibility Conditions for Title and Collection Actions

Hi there,

I am using and enjoying some of the new features of Glide Pages, such as the ability to open details pages in overlays.

One feature I’d love to see in Pages is the ability to set visibility conditions for the Title, Title Bar, and Collection Item Actions.

Here’s a simple example. Only administrators should be able to add a new curriculum to the curricula collection. So, I’d like it if only administrators saw the “+ New” button on the title card.

For something that simple there are easy ways around this, like having a different title card display depending on user role. However, once I get into more complicated things, like wanting certain people to have “edit” and “delete” buttons on each item, certain people to have “edit” and not delete, and some people to just be able to click on the item, that gets pretty complicated pretty fast.

The only way to currently do this is to make a custom action with a condition. The button will still be there, but it will be greyed out if the condition isn’t met.


Oh that’s smart! There are times when that won’t be enough/appropriate, but there are times when that will actually be even better.


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I use it all over the place in my Glide page templates. I would still like a visibility condition more than just a filter because end-users shouldn’t see those buttons at all sometimes, but it’s good enough for now.


In times like this you really wish you can use CSS in Glide Pages to conditionally hide that button, haha.