Condition Action Presets

Hi all. Loving the new integrations and capabilities.
In my projects I am creating more and more Preset Actions with the “Actions” section so its less manual process when adding new buttons or triggers. Simply apply pre-configured “Action”.

I would like to be able to add the same capability to the “Conditions” sections. Currently I have to manually go through each and manually apply conditions. For example i am creating a layout based on User Role of Basic or Pro. The simple idea is that if you are a basic user, you only see basic features. Then once you upgrade through Stripe subscription, you will change to Pro, which then will then make the Pro features available. Pretty simple workflow. The only part that takes time is manually setting up al the conditions. It would be great that from the Actions tab we could build Preset Conditions and then apply to the areas we want to.

Interested if any body has come up against this before.


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If you have lot’s of component I agree that it can be time consuming.

What I do is that I group everything into containers, and if I have multiple users’ type I duplicate the containers, add or remove the components based on the user role this container will match.

It’s still manually done, but you only have to set conditions to the container and not to every single components. It can be time saving if you have lots and lots of component on you page, and it’ll be easier.

Maybe someone else has find some more interesting way?


Are your visibility conditions typically a single condition, or several?

If they are several conditions, then you can save yourself some work by moving the logic to the Data Editor, and then use the status of a single if-then-else column as a visibility condition.

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Hi Lucas. Yeah fair nuff. I was doing that as well but found it just as time consuming to be honest.

Hi Darren,

I haven’t delved into the Data Editor much yet.
So far I have only had two conditions.

conditions preset

To allow the “admins” and “pro” users to see that particular component.

Yes, so you could create an if-then-else column as follows:

  • If Details/Role includes Pro, then true
  • If Details/Role includes Admin, then true

And then your visibility condition would be “where if-then-else column is checked”

Where this approach can really pay dividends is when you have many conditions (a half dozen or more) that can be replaced with a single if-then-else column.

However, I tend to use this approach by default for all filters and visibility conditions, because you inevitably find yourself coming back later to add more conditions. And when that happens, you only need to edit the conditions in one place (the Data Editor).


Yeah fair points. Ill give the if-then-else method a go.
Only issue I have found is that not all components allow the Visibility option but do provide the Condition option.

Can you give some examples on this?

For example in Buttons component you can add Actions with individual Conditions but not the Visibility of individual buttons. You can obviously change the Visibility of the entire buttons component regardless of how many buttons are in it by going to the Options tab.
So if you are wanting to have a set of buttons, say 5 buttons, the first 3 buttons are what a Basic user would see but a Pro user would see all 5 buttons. So i would go into the Button Actions and update the Conditions for button 4 and 5 to show for users with the Pro Role.

Isn’t that a good thing?
I mean, we have a much finer grained level of control than we ever had with Classic Apps.

Also, in this case “Conditions” and “Visibility” are effectively the same thing. When you add conditions to a button action, you are in effect controlling its visibility.

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Yeah I think the capability is great but what I’m wanting to be able to create is Condition preset’s to save time having to go through drop down menus every single time you have to add a condition.
Would be great if you could create Condition Presets from the ACTIONS main tab same way you configure Actions. For my specific use I would want to create a Condition preset called “Pro user view”. So when i go to an individual component like an Action Button, I can quickly apply to Pro User View condition.

Yep, I don’t disagree with that. Would be a neat feature :+1: