Remove the Share Links?

Hi is it possible NOT to share the app with others?


Hi AJ – Can you explain a little more what you mean? Technically, the app is always shareable with people as it’s a progressive web app.

If you mean removing the info/share screen, then also unfortunately not at the moment.

Why don’t you just restrict access via a password or email waitlist?

Yes due to the fact that glideapps does not have full restriction with content and that it is shareable, I am wanting to reduce the possibility of accessing the app without having to subscribe inside of my membership site.

Sharing will only make it easily accessible for anyone with a “shared” password or email address regardless of pin.

I could not locate any in-depth information regarding the ‘email whitelist’ inside of Documents.

If you have a link or provide a brief description of how I could use it as an alternative that would be greatly appreciated.


You can set your email whitelist here:

Also check out the 20 second mark in this video:

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Jeff, could you please help me better understand email whitelist? I’ve watched the video you have provided, but it doesn’t give specifics to each restriction feature.


Ok, so you wanted the sharing option removed from the app. As Jack stated, the app is always sharable, and there is nothing stopping your users from spreading the URL for the app to others. The only way to guarantee that other users cannot use the app, even if they have gotten access to the URL, is to use the whitelist option. What you have is a sheet that will contain all of the emails that you want to give access to your app. Selecting the whitelist option will ask for the sheet that contains the email addresses of permitted user. You maintain this list and only those emails are permitted to log into the app. If anybody else attempts to log in, they are rejected.

If you are confused about the PIN number that you are given, it is not a password and is only used once to register the app to that particular device. Somebody cannot use and email pin combination to log in on a second device. They would have to request a new pin and the owner of the email address would get the email.

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