Remove Share App in App

Simple one, I don’t necessarily want a person using an app created to easily share it any further than their local phone install.

Could we have a checkbox to enable / disable?

A relatively easy request to consider / implement.



Did you get a response for this? Did you figure out a work around to do get prevent users from sharing the app with others?

The only true way to prevent sharing is to use a whitelist. Anybody could share the url by word of mouth or even writing a public article about it. Not opposed to the request, but just want to stress that removing the sharing screen is not fool proof.

Could you tell us what your use case for this is? Who are the people who install the app, and why are they not supposed to share it?

I’ll always accept that fact that there will be a URL associated to the app and THAT will always be shareable… no worries there. I also appreciate that I have access options via the various auth methods (password, whitelist etc).

To clarify (just in case), my query was around disabling / removing the ‘Share App’ functions within the installed app. This would allow me to better control installs of an app and de-clutter within the app a little.

A simple enable / disable toggle in the glideapps interface would give us that flexibility.

That answer your query?

No, sorry. I’m curious who your users are, and why you want them to not share the app?

It’s my app where I share my guidebook (created in glide) with each Airbnb Guest before they arrive.

I want to keep it public so it’s frictionless but I also want to discourage a Guest sharing the app (once it’s installed) with others as it has personal contact details in it. It’s a Pro app so I could head down the path of using various auth but again - adds too much friction to my mind.

Appreciate that it’s not strictly a secure approach - it’s not a deal breaker… just a feature request. :wink:

I see. That makes sense. Thank you!

@Mark for pro-Gliders who have are using the email whitelist feature, these share buttons/QR codes both in the app and on the browser-based previewer-app don’t make a whole lot of sense. I’m also happy to share why I’m using the email whitelist feature, since it’s the same reason I’d love to vanish those share buttons: my app is still in development.

@Paul Since this thread top popped up again, I just had a thought. This might be hard with a public app, but maybe you could have a screen where the user needs to first enter a pin number. Using an IF-THEN-ELSE column you could compare the entered pin to a pin set by the airbnb host. The result of the If-Then-Else could be True or False. Then you can use the simple value column to pull that true/false value into all other sheets where you can then set the visibility of components based on the value. The part that I think might be a bit complicated is that the entry field for the pin would be shared among all users, so security-wise all users would see everything once the guest enters the correct pin code. I would love to see a column option that doesn’t actually write the stored value to the sheet, but instead stores the value somehow on glide uniquely to the device. I thought maybe you would have a way to implement this. It’s still friction-less as the user doesn’t need to sign into the app and the pin could be something simple like the guests phone number.

The share app icon on the home screen just isnt something people will use. I think its pretty simple and dont understand why users dont have control over this, especially those with a pro account. It looks goofy, its not the correct icon for sharing and no one would use it even if were the correct icon.

Circling back here. It should be noted that in Pro Apps you can now disable the About tab. Yay… and seems fair to me. :+1:

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Just wondering, why would someone want to disable the About tab if it contains useful information about the app or it’s developer? I understand that the tab is yet to be configurable, but at least it provides something.

I could completely understand if someone like myself ALREADY has an About tab setup so there would be no need for it, but for those that don’t,…

As part of the recent change to add a checkbox for configuration of the ‘sed feedback’ and ‘share’/QR code piece. Have you removed the left navigation to just share directly from the side bar? Slightly confused, didn’t use it a lot and have someone complaining the share option has now been taken away.

Under Settings in a Pro App you can tick or untick the Hide About screen… as you wish.


Mark and I have a good back and forth dialogue a little further up as to my reasoning. :+1:

In short, not everyone wants the (1) app to be shared between users easily and (2) it’s additional clutter to a menu system as a consequence.

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Yes thank you, I had already read the thread. I guess the issue is that in attempting to solve for one use case, another has been impacted:

  • Quick one click sharing from the navigation

With one already being in place, I would expect the existing feature to have had some protection or thought round it. Putting the additional clicks required, it seems you now can’t offer sharing to users without also giving them a chance to give feedback. So, now I need to disable sharing as have no intention of picking up emails for the app owner. Can you see a workaround here? Perhaps I’m missing something. Seems little odd that the feedback all goes to account owner when it seems likely a large proportion of people here build for other people.

Just seems bizarre to me to introduce this with the only options being:

Nothing for:

  • configure to remove feedback option
  • not able to set the recipient email address
  • the app now needs to be shared using QR code - great in person but a link to a platform as before would of been better?
  • can’t change the copy ‘About’
  • can’t change the icon

I appreciate the guys are moving at pace and know from my own role this is no easy thing but a little extra warning would help. I don’t check here daily to see what’s been added, removed or edited. I’ll see if I can add notifications to keep more on top of it. Bit embarrassing when people you build for notice the change before you do.

You can build your own about/info tab and design it however you would like.

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