Reload to update?

A popup saying “Update available - reload for current version” or something similar came up today while I was working in the editor, and I don’t remember seeing a notification like that before.

Could anyone report what was updated, and if by chance it included changes to List or Table collection items? I don’t see anything for May on the product updates page.

It’s new. Rather than a Glide update refreshing your browser and possibly causing you to lose work, you now get the popup giving you the choice of when to update. Glide usually pushes updates a couple of times a week, so you may see this more often. The weekly update from @NoCodeAndy will usually indicate if anything major has been published. Otherwise, it’s probably a lot of little bug fixes that aren’t worth mentioning.


So that’s why my screen used to go blank and I’d have to re-do the changes I was working on! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: This will be a nice change - thanks for the scoop.


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