Relations colums not showing up as source value

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to create a nutrition and training program app.
My app show for each day of the week, the menu and workout to do.

To do so, I have created a tab for the recipes and a tab for the workouts.
I have then create one main tab called “program” where I have created “relations” colums, to create the relation between the recipes to be in the menu for the day, and the workout to be perform that day.

The relation tabs seems to be set up correctly, but when I go in the app interface and add a inline element, under the value drop down, only one relation tab shows up as a source.

Do you guys have any idea why the other relation column is not showing up?
Thanks a lot!

Did you set the other relation column as single match?

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@ThinhDinh What would I do without you!!
I now set all my columns as “multiple match” and they all show up!!
THANK YOUUUU :slight_smile:


@ThinhDinh is a Glide Rock Star :wink:


We should make a boy band together :rofl:


haha, just don’t ask me to sing! :crazy_face: :rofl:


Really Guys! You both are really helpful in the community !! Thanks a lot for the time you spend on helping us :slight_smile: