Relations column not work

I can’t create a relations column! where am i wrong?

Are you trying to match an email to a name? Both values need to match for a relation to work. You should be linking email to email.

Adding to what @Jeff_Hager said, it seems that your email columns are text columns. It is recommended that your email columns be formatted as emails.

To do that, hover over the header, click on the downward arrow > edit > column type > email.

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Just for my knowledge, does this allow emails to be compare regardless of uppercase or lowercase?

No, it does not. :frowning:

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OK, just curious if I had missed a feature since you mentioned changing it to an email column.

i changed but it doesn’t work :frowning:

in this example it works!

Ciao @Paola_Lombardi
se ad ogni utente fanno capo più transazioni allora devi impostare una relazione multipla.

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There is a no match with the two email columns values in the two tables and then the relation becomes empty because there is no match.


Based on the screenshot, there aren’t any matches between the two email columns. I wasn’t able to see any email addresses that existed in both columns.

The column will certainly be empty if there isn’t a match.


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