Relation not show

I follow the step but my Chat ID IF isn’t like you teach. It not show Chat ID B-A REL (my is Chat ID C-F Match) in conditions ‘is empty’. How can I fix it?? I can’t create the private chat those who matches can see each comments each other.

May I know what is F and what is C in your case? Which video are you mentioning when you say “isn’t like you teach”?

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F and C is the person who’s matching in my app. I study from Udemy [Miguel Hernandez] is instructor, this link

@grumo - maybe you can help with this one?

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I wonder if this is a case of relation columns being set up as a multiple relations instead of a single relations…but I’m not getting enough information from the description and the screenshots to fully understand the problem.

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Didn’t you get my answer on Udemy? Please try to reply there. Ideally, I would need to see a screen recording where you explain your problem in more detail so I can help you. Thanks.


Thank you I can solve it because I apply “Multiple column” so that why I got a problem.

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