I'm really close to getting private messaging to work!

Using two different phones, I’m trying to send messages between users. I don’t get much when I click on the chats tab but, when I hit the message buttons, I can see the sent messages. They’re not getting to the intended recipient, but they are there!lol I feel like I’m just missing one relation column. Can anyone tell me what I’m missing?


Are you using the comment component? If so they won’t show in the GE, but they’ll be in the spreadsheet


What is showing on your Chat tab? Are you using the comments component?


They’re showing up, now. And the recipient is receiving the messages. But I have two problems: 1. When you send a message on your phone, it sends the message, but it sends you to your phone’s text messenger. 2. While the messages are received, so is the chat ID.

Do you know what the current problems are?

Oh, and I can’t see who the messages were sent, or received, from!lol

The chat ID just simply change the values shown in the list. To find who sends) receives de message, do a lookup from the email relation and pull out the names, and use the names to put them in the list, instead of, for example, the Chat ID.
Also, you can have the same list twice, and in one hace the recipient’s name and in the other the sender’s name, and then play with the visibility depending on what user is signed in. That’s just an idea


Awsome! Thank you.