Chat component does not show profile picture

Hi all,

We discovered the new chat component as part of the comment component.

In the comment component, at every message (comment) the author photo is shown. This is not the case when we switch to the the chat component. In a thread only the first message include the author photo. Other chat messages do not show the author picture. Other view details as text, timestamp and author name are displayed correct.

Hi Jeff,

Thanks! I was looking for some more details about the component but couldn’t find it. In the documentation it shows the profile picture at every message but here it still only appears at one (the first) message. When changing to comment component the profile pictures are shown correct so the data structure should be fine.

We’re not using the user table as source and don’t have email addresses in our source table. Can only email be used to indicate the sender is the user so the chats from the user are placed at the right side of the conversation?

any idea?

When you configure the chat, you need to make sure that the table that is the source of your chat contains columns that contains the user’s image. Does your chat table have the appropriate columns, and is the chat collection configured to use and/or fill the appropriate columns?

Without knowing how you have everything configured, and what the chat table looks like, it’s really hard to say why the image isn’t working correctly.

If I’m understanding your statement correctly, it sounds like you are not writing an email address for the user that left the comment??? That part is crucial to link up which comment belongs to which user, but most importantly to properly control the chat bubbles.


Hi Jeff,

Thank you for your reply.

It indeed was caused by the email part. We were hoping that we could leave the emails out of the table and linked via a relation to the correct user. To make it work we did include the email addresses in the specific table and it works.

Thanks for your help!

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