Relation bug?

Hello guyz !

There is something i should miss in relation function… :sob:

I made two templates : email - color and email- marbe in a same tab.
It is exactly the same expresion but i doesn’t match :sweat:
-> - Blue

What are your settings for the “Rel email” and the lookup?

here :

Because it will only match the first row where there is a match, isn’t?

If you’re talking about relation multiple, it doesn’t work either… :frowning:

Yeah but can I know more about your specific use case here?

Ok, so,
In my Leaderboard tab, people choose a color marble
In my Marble color tab, it is all the color possible with the current user email.

I make a template in a Leaderboard tab and template in Marble color tab,
For every matchs, it means the color is not available anymore.

So following your example, I set it up like this.

  • Marble choices.

  • Marble submit.

  • The choice in the form.


My problem is here. Why i don’t have any relation match?

Can you check if you have any spaces in one of the two template columns?

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OMG :rofl:
It was that indeed

Thank so much

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Hey again ThinDinh,

Maybe you can help me on something else. :innocent:

I am trying to have limited choice per race. Everytime someone joins race, he has to choose a color (limited list), and if the color was taken by another user, the color doesn’t show up in a list.

They join race before to select the color, then i can offer a right list of color.

In that way i can collect template like :
race 1 - blue
race 2 - green
race 3 - blue
race 1 - red … etc

I just need to be sure to don’t have the same combination… But i don’t know how :rofl:

I hope it was clear, and If you have any idea, it would be awesome ! :grinning:

Same idea as what we have done, but this time join the league ID/invite code and the color. If the relation between the two sheets show something then use the filter to take that choice out as I have shown with the screenshots.

Yes totally agree, but in our previous example we use the current user email as dynamic data.
Here we need something like current race / ID race as dynamic data.

If i follow you, we would need to make a template like : current race - color

The color list is limited list, but the current race is unlimited list, and user can have like 2 or 3 races in a same time… :frowning:

You can’t make a template with that : image

I tried here :

I would advise you to do it in a separate sheet, where you store the user email and the races in different rows, I think you have one like that already to store the registration information right?

Here is my configuration :

  • User profil tab : profil stuff
  • Leaderboard tab : race / email /
  • Color tab : List of colors

So do it in the Leaderboard tab, combining the league invite code and the color chosen.

I use race name instead of code race :

I did in leaderboard tab, my problem is to make the template in marble colo tab

What is your current flow for the user to submit a new color, do they submit via a form after they have gone into a details page for a league?

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I finaly did it :sunglasses:
Thanks ThinhDinh

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