Addition of two Relations (match simple)

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Do you know if there is anyway to additionate two relation like :

In order to have something like :

How are you structuring the destination sheet where you match the relation?

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Here your answer :

I would imagine to have something like you want you must structure it like “Marble color - Race posiiton 1 - Race position 2” and match the marble color together.

In a Rule Tab? or Leaderboard Tab?

Match the marble color in Leaderboard sheet to the marble color in the the sheet where you store the race results (do you structure it like Marble color, Race number, Race position?). Set it to match multiple.

In the sheet where you store the race results, relate the race position to the Rule sheet and use a lookup to get the points back.

Then in the Leaderboard sheet, make a rollup of the original relation in the 1st step, get the sum of the points you just get via the lookup.

Does it make sense?

I don’t get it.
Leaderboard tab is where i store all data. Room / marble colors choosen per room etc…

Rule tab, is where i store result (i shoul hve called it “result” :rofl: )

Each result race will be a new column. (example : Race 3)

With that cofiguration do you have an idea :grimacing:

Can you match a marble color to an array column (the races)? I guess not?

It is what i did no :thinking:

You match it to only one column, what I mentioned was an array column.

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It works !!! thanks a lot ThinhDinh, again :fireworks:

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Oh I learned something new as well, I have not tried this lol.

Okay so i am close to my goal.

Now i have thoses data in my leaderboard tab, and i would like to have the same one in my user pofil tab
I tried with a simple look up from my user pofil tab , but i can’t, it would be too easyer…

Why can’t you make a relation for that? In the Leaderboard tab you have the email of the user as well right?

I think i did. No ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

What are you trying to bring back from the leaderboards tab? Isn’t it the score total column?

If you’re setting the match to a multiple, would the total points be calculated by a sum rollup on that leaderboard relation?

I am sorry, no.
I am want to bring back the All Position column from the leaderboard to the user profil

So you have the emails in multiple rows and now you want to bring back all positions related to that email in those rows? I’m not sure if that is even possible.

If you have a relation - lookup bringing back all choices of marble color associated to an email in a column in your user profiles, can you make a relation to match that lookup with the array column in the Rules sheet?