Creating 100% Match

Dear Glide Community,

I am stuck on the following issue:
As you can see in the picture I have 10 relations made of specific preferences. 2 users have different opinions. What I would like to do is to have one column where I show in which row one user had all relations. As in the Image, the name “Franzi” should then be shown only in line 3 and 7, for “Alex Müller” it would only be line 6.
I tried it with If then but it doesn’t work because there is only “is not empty” or “is empty”
I have also tried not doing a relation and using if then to say if “Preference_1” is the same as “Preference_1” in the user tab & “Preference_2” is the same as “Preference_2” in the user tab until all preferences are cross checked, but that left me with empty results…

Is it somehow possible to say only when I have the same name in one row all the way through all the relations that to show that name?

So your condition is when a name that “appears” in a relation 10 times then it should be shown?

Are these relations created from the same 2 sheets?


it’s two tabs

I have the person with the preferences on one
This sheet is where the preferences are matched to the different topics

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I would recommend that you create a template column on each tab which combines all the preferences in both the tabs.
Then these template columns will be exactly identical only in the cases where all 10 preferences match.
Create a relation on top of these template columns in both tabs.
Hope it makes sense.

tried this but the combination doesn’t work, see attachment

Not this way,
Create a template column where you combine all preferences in both the tabs and use those columns to create the relation the way you currently have.

I can’t use it just as a word because behind all of these preferences is an object
this object has a profile which I want to show in an inline list later on