Sending same type of data and sort it

Hello Guyz,

So i am pretty sure my problem is not complicated :sweat_smile
My problem is between my Members tab and my Race Live tab :grinning:
I need to make my Members make bet. I have Race 1 and Race 2, and as you can see i can’t make any difference between visibility of the bet in the race 1 and the race 2 -_-
Maybe there is another way ?

I’m confused by this for a couple of reasons. I think you are using a Link to Screen button to get to the Members sheet? A link to screen button does not provide any way to connect the record you are on to the sheet the button is taking you to. Also your members sheet shows a column value for both Race 1 and Race 2.

I think you need to create a new sheet that contains an email, a race, and a Color column. The you need to create a relation column from the race to the new sheet. Then create a multiple relation column and and inline list component that uses the relation and is filtered by signed in user. This will take them to their own race record to mark the color they want for that race.