Relation Column with Filter for shared user view

In my app:

Each user is able to create projects, those projects have locations, in the locations are scenes, and in the scenes are shots. A scene can have many shots.

I am trying to make an inline list display in the scene view which shows all of the shots of that scene.

My issue is because the scenes are labeled using generic terms, like Scene 1, Scene 2, and the locations are pretty generic as well, I’m having trouble getting the shots to show in the correct scenes. I feel like there is maybe something here I can do with ROW-ID, but I’ve read the documentation for it and haven’t had much luck.

I feel like I have a good handle on the relations column for the most part, but this is just giving me some trouble.

So far I’ve tried:

Making a relation column based on scene number, using match multiple, which is how I would expect to do it, the issue here is because I allow users to share project amongst other users and the scene numbers will be the same, this method will put shots in all users view.

I also tried making a relation column where the shots sheet matched the scene sheet using project. Of course the result of this is it will put all shots in all of the scenes because it doesn’t know which shots go into which scene.

Look at Multi-Level Select in This uses templates and also write the previous level’s info the the sheet when adding a new record to a level. You could use row id or unique id as well if you wanted instead of the level’s title. Basically your carry the parent level information along when writing to the current level you are on.

Awesome, this is going to be very helpful…Will take a look at it soon.

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