Is it possible to do a row to column relation

How can I relate rows to columns using similar Row IDs in different worksheets,
Id like to do this because I have a sheet calculating lists but I won’t be able to view a specific inlist if it cannot relate to another string of data in a different sheet

I’m struggling to understand what you want to achieve here. Can you tell us more about it and possibly include some screenshots? Thank you.

A little confused here as well. A multiple relation would link your RowID column to any column or array column you choose to link to in any other sheet. That relation will contain all matching rows. From there you can use a Lookup to get a specific column value from that linked sheet.

Ok. to make my necessary calculations possible, I had to use a transpose function to turn RowIDs in one sheet into column headers in another sheet. I then perform my sum if and count functions in that new sheet.

However, in my glide app, I want to be able to view the resulting calculations as an inline list corresponding to a particular selected item and I’d like to reference the RowID to bring back columns for a particular row depending on the item selected

Can you be more specific about this part? We may have a workaround for you.

Have you looked at using a Rollup column to do your calculations against a relation column?

That may distort the arrangement of columns in the calculations sheet. The arrangement is key in supporting the formulas working. Remember the columns headers are the Row IDs from the 1st sheet transposed using transpose formula

That is why we are trying to understand your database setup. Transposing RowID’s in headings doesn’t seem like good database design and would require you to have to edit your app every time a new RowID column is automatically generated. A relation and rollup would do the same thing but be much more scalable.

Again, anything you can provide to help us visualize what you are are trying to do, like screenshots, app links, copies of Google sheets you can share, videos, etc.


The transpose works excellenty, automatically updates as new rows are added, tested it a couple of times. Roll up seems to add every thing…i need to sumif that’s where the problem is…and setting up roll up columns would take too long for each project whereas using a formulas I can just copy array…here are a few screen shots of the data… ill will send more

What do your rowIDs stand for? Seeing your last screenshot, I think there’s a better way to construct your dataset to fit with what we currently have now to allow you to use rollups for this, or at least you don’t have to transpose it like this.

RowID’s stand for projects, each project can have 1 or many products (products 1, 2, 3…and so on) and each project has components that fall into different category types.

The app is supposed to summarize the number of components for each of the projects based on the products the user will select in the project creation form

the problem is making sure the inline list is corresponding to the project opened.

so that particular project is showing that inline list but if i select a different project it will display the same components list because it cant automatically switch the list or link the list based on selected project.

it would be a good thing though, to link inline lists to certain Row IDs for a number of different applications, serving like a data validation kind of function

That would be most helpful, this is the last piece of the puzzle, and getting this far has been a maze… :crazy_face:
I was avoiding starting all over but if I have to well…ill have to do what works