Mathematical calculation between guides

Good morning folks, I need some help. I am unable to do a mathematical operation of subtraction between two tabs.

I have a sum in the “products” tab, and another sum in the “movement” tab.

I need to bring to the “products” tab the result of subtraction values of (products - movement).

Currently it doesn’t let you bring that back via a relation - lookup?

Hello @ThinhDinh , thanks for the feedback.
So I am not able to make this relationship.

So that column does not show up when you try to have a lookup via a single relation or is that something else?

Yes that’s it she doesn’t show up

Can you try making a template column with the value being that rollup column and make a lookup again?

unsuccessfully :sob:

there is no way to do math between tabs, I would have to bring this column from the “moves” tab into the “products” tab and thus perform the calculation.

Yeah is there any reason you did not go that way at first?

I don’t know, would it have any relation due to the fact that this column was created from a relation, not a normal number?


I’m not quite clear, are you able to create a relation from Producto to Movements? If so, I would think a relation and a rollup or lookup from the Movements sheet should give you the number. Does the value show up as an option in the math column then? If not, you could try to take the rollup or lookup value and add it to a template column. Then use the template column in your math column.

I was successful on the part.
To be able to bring through the relation by the product the value of the “movement” tab and make the calculation.

But now I need to do the same calculation for a different “move” tab in the row’s ID column and I can’t.

Can’t match Row ID columns? :thinking:

Are these values on the same sheet?

No, the values are in the “handling” tab I want to bring to the “products” tab

yes values, are in the spreadsheet

Row IDs in different sheets of course won’t match, right?

correct, are unique

here be the values in the tab