Relation column issues

This app I use to track clinical trials (can ignore office/doctor sheets) and to provide a link to a facts sheet on our server for review. Pretty simple. Each trial includes one or more sites, but each trial only has one fact sheet

The layout tree starts with selecting the site family, then one would see a list of trials in that section- each with a link to its facts sheet.

Not sure what I did but I broke the relation column I had before. George was kind enough to help me create a solution using a filter function, so it is working fine.

However I am certain I did not solve this issue that way previously. I believe I had used a relations column (or two) along with inline lists only to achieve this same outcome.
Does anyone see another solution? I am mainly doing this to help me understand relation columns again, as at some point I had it working, and of course always better to have two ways to solve a problem.

How are you setting up your relation column? Have you changed anything in the relation compared to the latest time it did work?

I believe I have changed the sharing to allow you to copy app/see sheets now…

I have set up a relation which seems like it should be drawing only the correct trial to its respective site(s)… but instead it was pulling every trial to each site- no filtering being done. Again, I believe I had accomplished this without using George’s filter setup (which works!) using a relation column with inline lists, but I can’t make it work now.

I have no idea what happened to screw things up, bit of a mystery, though no doubt my fault :slight_smile:

Hey Randall perhaps you could try editing the relation and unchecking match multiple.

I realized I kept all of George’s recommendations in play, so it is confusing. I am going recreate the app afresh and try to recreate either my prior solution or the problem and I will post back later. Thank you for weighing in…