Relating One Template Column to Another Template Column

Problem: I am having trouble relating two template columns.

The reason I would prefer to use template columns, is it gives every customers field a unique name.

Joe Smith has a field named “Home”
Mark Keskey also has a field named “Home”

Instead of relating field names, it would be easier for tracking data if I could have template columns (which are set up) to combine Customer Name + Field Name. It gives each field a unique name, without any extra work.

This is outlined in this video: Screen Recording 2024-02-12...

Is it possible to relate template columns to one another? Or am I trying to solve something that cannot be solved?

Glide novice here, I appreciate any insight.

Are you completely positive that both templates match exactly. Be sure to check for any extra spaces. Also check any of the template input values to make sure they don’t have any extra spaces.

The simpler alternative would be to use a Query column instead of a relation since you can do the same thing without having to create any template columns in either table.

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