Referral and/or Discounts Tracking

A group of businesses will be using an app to attract local customers which is similar to Glide’s “San Francisco Attractions” example app. They want to offer discounts to the app users for their individual businesses and also track referrals that are generated from the app. Any suggestions?

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Alright, this one is a bit mind-bending:

Discounts are defined in the spreadsheet, and every time a users signs up, they get a copy of each discount. Users can only see unredeemed discounts. You’ll need to make an owner/admin app from the same sheet that can mark discounts as redeemed. You’ll likely want to group the discounts by user email, and look the discount up when a customer presents the discount, then the admin can mark it redeemed and it will disappear from the customer’s app.

The very tricky part of this is that the sheet takes the Cartesian product of the Discounts and Users lists to produce a list of every discount for every user. This relies on a couple crazy formulas that I don’t understand and have no idea how they will scale to hundreds of customers.