Redeem Offer App

I’m creating an app for people to subscribe to my restaurant’s products.

I need help figuring out how to do this:

  1. People subscribe: how can I create the form where people pay (monthly)
  2. Create the customer in a google sheet
  3. Customer can then login into the app with the email they subscribed and press on redeem in front of the cashier (see below)

I want that this happens:
Sheet 1: On Glide people choose which product to subscribe (e.g. Taco Subscription or Burrito Subscription) → that updates the sheet of subscribers (e.g. Ana, email:, Burrito, Can get 4 burritos in the next 30 days)

Then when she comes to my restaurant, opens the glide app and press on “redeem” and then it subtracts 1 from the 4 Burritos she gets per month). IS this possible? How?
(I have the pro subscription in case that helps)
Thank you

create a form collecting the users email and the current date and time
then you can create another column for end date then an if then or else that says if after enddate expired
FOR REEDEEMING USE AN INCREMENT ACTION (-1) of thier tacos remaining

Have the “4 burritos” thing as a number column with value 4. The redeem code will be a button that is set as increment action, with the increment value being -1.

Mind the visibility settings so that it doesn’t drop below 0.

what about the email date and tjme

I saw you covered that already when I opened the post so did not add it.

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Thank you so much! How would you calculate the subscription end date? I cannot simply add 30 because the dat might not make sense then

in your glide editor create a date column in your sheet add the date values(with a function) under the date column in your app it will look normal

If you have the start date via the timestamp in your form, and the duration of the offer, you can have an arrayformula to calculate the end date in the Sheets. Make sure you format that the way you want them to be shown in Glide.


Thank you sooo much to both! I’m almost done with this product and it was frustrating and so fun to do<3
The dates work!

a couple other questions:

  1. I’d like to offer customers who redeem a view of all the times they have redeemed (e.g. they can see they redeemed on the 2nd of July at 2:30pm, 3rd of July at 4:20pm…) how and where should I generate this “redeem” transactions so they are stored for each individual user and I can show it to them?
  2. How long do the sales take to update in the “App: Sales” sheet? I’ve done another test payment and it hasn’t updated yet

You have to record it back to the Sheets with a form button instead of an increment button like what we advised you above. The flow can be:

  • Show a form button saying “Use a redeem code”
  • In the form, have some text like “Are you sure you want to use this redeem code?”, in the background record the timestamp, user’s email and the redeem code to a separate sheet, let’s call it “Redeem uses”
  • Go to the Editor, make a template joining the user email and the redeem code in the “Redeem uses” sheet.
  • Still in the Editor, go back to the sheet where you store the initial user & redeem registration, make the same template column. Make a relation matching this column with the column in the “Redeem uses”.
  • Make a rollup column in the initial sheet, counting the total uses of the user for said code.
  • Make a math column, with the formula. Redeem offer total times allowed - Number of redeem uses, store it with the name “Redeem offers left”.

You can show the number of redeem offers left to the user, and the times they used the redeem offer using the relation you made above.

No idea, I thought it would update instantly. Not in a country with Stripe, so can’t be sure.