Is this doable?

I have a prime card program that users pay a monthly fee for and receive 10% off of all their local favorite restaurants. The user goes into the restaurant, scans the QR code on the back of their card, hands the phone to the server, server types in unique restaurant code and bill total, hands phone back to the customer and then they discount the 10%.

I track every redemption as far as the total and add that to each restaurant’s dashboard so they can track revenue. I also follow up with every customer after they redeem a ticket to leave a review for that specific restaurant. I’m wanting to move this over completely to Glide and have the user select a REDEEM 10% button leading to a form where they select the restaurant and enter their bill total. They are only allowed to redeem the same restaurant every 24 hours and my system stops them if they try to do it within that time frame, also so they aren’t sitting at home redeeming tickets. Is this something that is possible with Glide with all the conditions? If not, I was going to switch over to mobile wallet. I would like the know if there are any integrations there as well.

Sounds doable if you add in a little google script code to solve a few issues I see. If this is your first attempt at writing an app or with Glide I would suggest you spend some time on the tutorials to get a feel for how things work. Also spend a fare amount of time browsing through a lot of posts in the community.


Thanks for the reply. I‘Ve built about 6 apps now with glide and I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on how glide works. On the google sheets side I do not. I wouldn’t know where to start with a google code script or creating one. If google sheets is where I would do most of the customization to feed into Glide where would I begin learning something like that ?

I have watched a bunch of this guys tutorials on various google scripting things. There are a ton of others on Youtube. That is how I learned.