Build a groupon like app

does anyone has any template or steps in detail on how to create a groupon like app.

I would like to create exclusive discounts dealsfor and sell it on my app (offer created by me, not businesses). For example, a dinner offer for two entrees at a restaurant for x amount of dollar.

I would need

  1. functions to purchase this deal
  2. a page to show all the purchases
  3. a way for businesses to redeem the deal, i’m thinking a button on the purchased listings for businesses to redeem it
    4.a way to count the deals being purchased


I imagine you can use a buy button to let users purchase deals that you have listed.

You can use the method mentioned in this thread to allow Glide to read the sales data written to the Sheet.

So do both users and businesses use the same app? If so then I think your idea would work. What happens after they redeem the deal though?

Based on the second step, you can use a relation - rollup to count the deals being purchased for each business.

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Check out this guide how to create a groupon like app before you get started.

That link isn’t accessible for me. Are you sure you are sharing the right link?