Using a referral link in the app for ticket purchase

Hi there,

I recently joined Glide and made a prototype for a festival app. I am looking to add a sort of referral link in the app, so when users use my app to purchase a ticket, the festival sees that that particular customer comes from our app. Do you guys know more about this?


Try with PayHere

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How would people from the festival use the app? If people purchase tickets from your app, either using the buy button or a third party solution like PayHere, there should be records in your data and you can just show them to the festival people?


Does this also work when we redirect the customer to the website of the festival? for example is customer visit their website via our app, the festival gets a link like for example“our app”.
I looked for payhere, this seems like a real payment feature right?

For your link question, it’s more on how your customer sets up their website (they should have a structure to support something like and collects the information if the user decides to pay after visiting that link).

On your part, you just need to plug that link into the app in a button and let users open that link.

For PayHere, it’s more an in-app payment solution with webview.