Reduce percentage

I tried reducing the percentage of 28% -2% but the result was 0.26
the result i want is 26%, because if the result is 0.26 glide doesn’t allow that adder.

…X 100

Is it like this?

Math order of operations. Make sure you use parentheses so the subtraction happens before the multiplication.



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ok already, how to convert the result into a percentage?

0.26 is actually the equivalent of 26%, but if you just want the percent symbol, you can add that as a Unit in your math column.

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your missing key is this


Yes I know
but why glide does not allow such calculations?

That error has nothing to do with using a percent in your calculation.

You have a circular dependency. The result of your math column is being used somewhere else to calculate the values used in the replacements for your math column. The math result is being used to calculate the result of the math. It’s an endless loop that would crash your app if it was allowed to happen.

Google sheets can allow circular dependencies, but usually stops after something like 100 loops. Glide on the other hand does not allow for circular dependencies. I think you may be trying to use the wrong values for your calculation.

I guess it looks like you are trying to use Flash Sale to calculate Flash Sale.