Converting simple excel file in glide app

I have been so excited about being able to transform a simple excel file I created into an app. However, it is proving to be more challenging than I expected. It is a simple compatibility tool that allows people to RANK (1-4) their preferences and then RATE (0-5) their experiences. The rating is weighted by the rank and a formula creates a percentage at the end.

Is there a component that can help me do this besides the RATING component? Here are examples of what I have done and what I wish to recreate.

So you want two inputs from your users, then you use a formula to calculate a percentage and show to them?

Yes, that is what I did originally. I would like to do that if it is possible. I understand that some things may need to be reconfigured for Glide. Is this at all possible? Or do I need to add to disassemble it and show it differently?

Also, I will want them to be able to use it more than once… like a quiz. Is it like making a sort of calculator?

If it’s as simple as inputting two values and have some calculated columns to generate a percentage, then I think you can do it. Is it the process you want?

Can you describe to us how you get the final value from the inputs?

Here is a screenshot of my formula… it is very simple.

2022-02-05 (2)

So it’s actually 8 inputs, do I understand it right? B3 to B6 and D3 to D6?

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Yes, that is correct.

Do you have to store the result for later or it should serve as a one-time calculator?

I would like it stored for later.

Then what I would suggest is a form with 8 questions. I still assume users have to answer 8 questions to get 8 inputs for your programme, so if I’m wrong please correct me. That form will write to a “Response” table.

Next, add a math column to calculate your percentage and display that to the user. This column will also be in your Response table.

That way, all responses can be stored for later purposes.


Okay, I am going to try that. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR RESPONDING! I will let you know once I have tried what you have suggested.:pray:t6:

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Greetings, I have been able to the recreate the compatibility tool in Glide. Thank you!:pray:t6:

I used a table component and I like how it turned out. My challenge now is that, while it worked with the inputs placed directly into the excel sheet, I need to figure out how to RANK items in Glide according to preference, and I need to figure out a way to allow them to input those values. For example, MOST IMPORTANT → LEAST IMPORTANT, with four options.

In my mind, I imagine there may be some IF → THEN statements involved, but I really don’t know where to begin and I cannot find a tutorial for it. I will need to ensure that if one item is ranked with a 4 that none of the other items can be ranked as 4, but only 3, 2, or 1.

Do you have any suggestions for how I could make that could happen?

Thank you in advance.