Redirects for Pro Glide App

Are redirects not allowed? I tried through my own setup for redirects and I get a 200 error. I need to redirect my app to another for a bit while I reorganize major parts of the app.

Can you explain your setup for redirect?

From what I understand you’re trying to do a production/dev setup.
If so, I believe you can change the name of the original app and rename the temp app to the original name. This will behave like a redirect.


See this


Yes, this works for free apps. I have a Pro App.

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oh, probably a bug then?

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Dont think its a bug, I’m just wondering if redirects are blocked.

Anyone know if redirects are allowed for Pro Apps?

I don’t know what you mean. Are you trying to redirect TO a Pro app?

Oh, I see, you want to point your Pro app domain to a different app temporarily? No, we do not have any easy way to do this.


Yes, for when I have to do major changes within the app.

I created a free ‘under maintenance’ app from a different sheet which I would like my pro app to redirect to when I am doing this.

For my website I have a redirect plugin which I use to redirect direct links there (my Pro app is a subdomain), but when I try it with the two URLs it doesn’t work. Not sure it’s because of the free app or the pro app.

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A redirect plugin won’t work?

You can redirect your own URLs wherever you’d like.

I don’t know anything about your redirect plugins.


For anyone looking to have an under maintenance screen up while they work on their live pro app I figured this out! This is for subdomains, not sure about domains themselves.

EDIT BELOW It’s all done in the CPanel of your hosting. First you create a subdomain in there (the same one that you have already for your app) Then a redirect right after, pointing to your maintenance app. Which you can easily toggle on and off.

EDIT: The above works for the redirect, but not back to the original subdomain. So, the correct way would be through your DNS Forwarding Settings. Once you’re done and want to have it display your subdomain again, you just have to add the CNAME records again and wait a bit for it to change back. I saw a box for domains as well, so it’s possible for a domain and subdomain.


is this still the preferred solution or there a better way to do things now (a year later)?