Recommendation System - Like Netflix

Hi There… In my app I have a way for users to rate different elements from lists into user-specific columns. I’d like to take that data from users and compile elsewhere, maybe using the anonymous email item. From there, I would like to make a rudimentary recommendation system based on what they and others have rated.

Maybe too complex for Glide? Thoughts?

I think having some sort of machine learning / AI that helps make recommendations based on past behaviors would be very powerful to implement. But, thats well beyond my skills lol. But if there was a pre-built system where all you had to do was feed information in and it would spit out recommendations, then that could be awesome.

Glide is the front-end layer - you present data, you collect data. The logic and calculations would take place at the back-end, in the Google Sheet (not in a Glide table btw). There are some methods in the community here about how to get usc column values out of the user-specific world and make them usable in a GSheet. Good luck!

The only way to do that is to write data in two columns, one user specific and one in Google sheets, then use scripts to export that data to your destination database

Thanks so much for your replies!

Hi, I am trying to find how you write-store the user specific data in the 2nd (non user specific) column… I don’t get it (without a magic script that I couldn’t do)

There are 2 ways to do that…
Add row or Set column’s