Re-introduce control for (dis) allowing to open the app in tablet/desktop mode

The control for dis(allowing) the app in tablet/desktop mode was removed. We’d like to suggest reintroducing that control.

Why? To prevent existing build (Pro) apps to use the tablet/mode display. These were build with mobile mode in mind.

To be clear: this isn’t about (dis) allowing it to open it in full screen, just the choice of modes the app will use.

Background: We build a set of free educational training apps (Pro Apps!) that only used the mobile mode (disallow laptop/dektop mode). It even made it to national TV here in Slovenia! Schools and parents started installing it also on tablets, which with the mobile mode just scaled up. Clean, simple, no parent-child views involved. Perfect.

Now without the control being available anymore, the apps are opening on the kids’ tablets with the mobile/desktop layouts (parent-child views), and the apps become way too complex (parent panels visible etc). Rebuilding seems to be the alternative to avoid that. Which worries us as we used quite some custom actions and relational data.

I hope there’s a chance to reintroduce the control to keep working with Glide’s mobile mode only!