Radar Address Complete in Form

Does anyone know how to use the Radar Address Complete capability in a form? I have a long form that users fill out, including the location of their asset. I would like the autocomplete to validate their address entry because later I will show on a map and calculate lat-lon coordinates. Thanks!

Bob covers that in the below video:

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I’ve been following that video, but it’s not working for me. The hint just keeps pulling in the first address in my table. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?

Actually, if you’re wanting to use it in a form, then it would need to be a Custom Form.

With a native form, the values aren’t written to the target table until after the form is submitted, so there is no data to use prior to that for the auto complete lookup.

A custom form addresses that, because the user input is written to a user specific column as they type, and is available for immediate use.

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Ooof, it just got super complicated. I will try again in the morning.

Thanks for sharing this, @Darren_Murphy

What I’ve been doing lately is to use what I’m calling “hybrid” forms:

  1. show new screen action instead of form screen
  2. add an input component for any input you want to validate against another table (using relations, etc)
  3. add a form container beneath the input for the remainder of the form, but only display the form container if the input outside of the form container is “valid”.

This way you still have a form experience with less updates but can still leverage the custom form experience for the one or two inputs that require it.

I have an example somewhere in an app I worked on recently. I’ll see if I can dig it up when I get home this evening.


I’ll have to give that a try

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Here’s one example of a “Hybrid Form” in Glide:

Kind of a combination of a form screen and a custom form.

The setup:

  1. Helper Table for the form
  2. Show New Screen → Helper Table (Or Show Detail Screen → Single Value → Helper Table → Whole Row )
  3. Entry components → User Specific columns for any entry that needs live relations/lookups/calculations
  4. Form Container to finish off the form experience
  5. After Submit Action → Close Overlay/Show Notification/Etc.

Thanks @Robert_Petitto !

I watched the video, but I can’t get my head around how to use this on my form. I use a lot of filters on the form, which don’t seem to work with custom forms. The container makes it easy to use data already entered to filter other fields.

How do you see hybrid forms working in my address case? Would I still need to use a custom form?

The way I see this working is:

  1. User enters an address
  2. Radar → autocomplete
  3. User confirms address

These three steps could occur before a user completes the rest of the form in a form container. The form container can pass the autocomplete address along with other form fields.

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Ah, I see. I’ll give that a go. :crossed_fingers:

Should the three autocomplete steps be in the form container, or outside it? I put before the form container, and still it only edits the first row of my data.

Or should I have the address lookup in it’s own table?

Haha, nope.

@Robert_Petitto , the only way I see this working is if a new row is created first, and then the records are updated as a form. But then I don’t get the validation on the other fields, or it will be super complicated to add the validation.

The three steps should happen before the form container, and then the form container should only appear if the address is valid. I recommend using a working table (a one row table with user specific columns) as the source for the screen. This way all of the validation steps are are in the same table as the form itself so that you can pass those values when you submit the form. I’m pretty sure I understand what you’re trying to achieve, but maybe I’m solving the wrong problem?


@Robert_Petitto , you are my hero! I got it working!! :star_struck:

One follow up question - how do I get the working table to clear so the address doesn’t appear when the user opens the form again?

Youll need to use a Set Column action with a “Clear” for each column. However, if its a User Specific Column and Users are NOT signed in, then it should clear by itself.

Great idea!

What Joe said. Use an “after submit” action to clear the fields.

I’m trying this, and I can’t get it to work. The form only gives me options to clear fields in the table associated with the form, not the fields in the working table. Any ideas?

Can you show us some screenshots on how you’re setting it up? If you’re using a working table with a custom form, and then an add row action to “submit”, then you should be able to clear the columns as guys have stated above.

Oh true. Workaround would be to create a single value column in the destination table that points to the working table for the form. Choose whole row. Then do the set column > clear with this single value column as the data source in the set column action.