Address Autocomplete API

This site appears to offer an API that can autocomplete an address entry.

I would love to see an example of this working in a Glide app. Current UX is poor when forcing my users to manually enter an address. Is there an expert here that could create a demo to teach the community?!


I’m assuming it would be about as complex as generating a Quickchart image. If I’m off-track & it’s way more complicated then apologies, ignore the thought!

I see that it’s possible to have a generous amount of look-ups for free per day: 3000, which would suit my needs.


Challenge accepted.

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Getting close.

I assume taking the search entry as an input for the API, then take back a JSON and populate 5 rows in another table which you can create in advance.

Yup…something like this:
CleanShot 2022-03-13 at 21.09.32

Oooo…even better if using an inline list with a custom action:
CleanShot 2022-03-13 at 21.20.32



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Wow - Genius work Bob. This behaves brilliantly and the UX is absolutely instinctive. Game changer for anyone working with address input fields.

Love the way the mapped result appears instantly and there are several cool tricks to handle the process. Agree that the inline list works well. The extra table for indexing the results is a cool approach.

Big thank you ^6.

Hey Bob - could you share a screen shot for your construct URL component please. It’s not obvious how to construct it using the info copied from the Geoapify project.

So the fields here:

Just from watching the start of Bob’s video, it would be something like this:

  • Protocol: https
  • Host:
  • Path: v1/geocode/autocomplete

Then you would add parameters for text, apiKey, etc.
Parameters are usually case-sensitive, so make sure you get those right.


Thanks Darren… I got that working but the URL generated then delivers a response that does not begin with ‘results’. Instead is starts with an array called ‘features’. That’s the first thing then when I try to extract the formatted address using .features.formatted it doesn’t return the address… although I can see it in the text returned.

Just had a quick look at the docs, looks like you might need to give it a format parameter with a value of json, otherwise you’ll get the default (geojson) format.

Yay - that worked! Thanks Darren.


pssst! …best not to share your API key in public :wink:

(I fixed that for you)


That’s exactly my setup (also the reason I didn’t show the construct URL column because I didn’t want to expose my API key). Thanks Darren.


:hugs:…What a lovely man you are :clap:

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